When to Use a Pick up Line

Pickup lines are a man’s best friend. There’s nothing quite as good as knowing that you don’t have to think of something totally original to say to a woman you’ve never met. Sure, you’re going to have to start having a real conversation shortly after that, but until then you’re going to be okay. It can take a lot of the pressure off an otherwise fraught experience. However, pickup lines aren’t going to serve you well in every situation. Here’s a quick guide on when it’s a good idea to use a pickup line. Is Cold Approaching Even worth It First of all, ask yourself if cold approaching a woman is going to pay off for you, statistically. There are places where people assume they’re going to get hit on. If she’s at a bar, well, then it’s obvious that she’s going to get approached. If she’s in the grocery store, probably not. Before you waste your own time, think if this is location and time is even worth it to try. There’s a one in a billion shot that that woman at a funeral wants to hook up with you, so it’s not even worth it to ask her. On the other hand, a pickup line is a good…

Preparing Your Bedroom for a One Night Stand

One night stands are amazing, but only if you’ve prepared for them properly. You don’t want to meet up with a woman for a one night stand only to have her run away screaming at the top of her lungs because your room looks like a mess. You don’t want her to get up in the middle of the night and trip on your anime figurines, resulting in a concussion and a bruised ego on your part. In other words, when you plan on having a one night stand, you need to prepare your room for the event. It’s not always easy to know how to do this, especially if you’ve been living a bachelor’s lifestyle for a while. Never fear! We’re here to help you figure out how to clean up your room before a one night stand. With our help, you can impress the ladies with your bedroom before you take her to bed. Here’s everything you need to do to prepare your room for your steamy one night stand. Clearing Away All the Clutter and Trash This should be obvious, but if you’re a bachelor and have been one for quite some time, you probably don’t realize just how messy your room has been getting. You need…


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