The Worst Places to Meet up for Your Date

Meeting up with women you met on the Internet is a bit of a mixed bag. You might want to take some safety precautions so you don’t wind up having to deal with an extremely awkward situation. If not for your own protection, you should also be trying to pick a good location to meet up in order to make the woman feel more secure about it. While there are some good places to meet up for dates with women you met on the Internet, there are also some places to meet up that are just bad, bad ideas. You really don’t want to wind up meeting up in one of these places. If nothing else, it won’t allow you to connect in the way that you want to with her. At worst, though, you could wind up having to deal with a very uncomfortable first date. Here’s what you should avoid when you’re picking where to meet up for your date: A Dark, Private Location or Venue When you want to meet up for a date with a woman, you never want to meet up in a dark or private location. First of all, you need to protect yourself. If you’re meeting up with a woman that you met…

Standing Out From The Beach Crowd To Attract Women

If you live in a warmer climate, you may find yourself spending a lot of time at the beach with your guy friends or family for holidays or other occasions. If you’re single and looking to meet some truly foxy ladies, the beach could be a perfect hunting ground for you! If you like your ladies especially attractive, the beach is a place everyone must bear all and it’s very difficult to fool prospective dates. Unless she’s covering up, very little will be left to the imagination regarding her measurements and you’re guaranteed a hot date! Of course, this works both ways so it’s important to prepare yourself to impress for occasion such as the beach. Living close to such a great meeting spot, it’s worth it to invest that little bit of extra time and care to guarantee the foxiest ladies will come hunting for you! Self Confidence Is Better Than A Diet You may think the number one thing a lovely lady will be on the look out for is a hot body on her man, and while that may be important, it’s even more important to rock what you’ve got going and exude mega amounts of confidence! If you’re the hottest guy there, it won’t matter if…

Breaking the Ice: Jokes and Pickup Lines

It can be really hard to approach women. When you go up to a woman at the bar, she just sees how you look and the way you act; she doesn’t see that you tried to pick up three women tonight before her. While this is a good thing that she doesn’t know, based on how insulted most women would be by this, it also means that she doesn’t know that rejection is serious business. It’s hard to get out there and approach women time and time again. Pickup lines and jokes make this challenge just a little bit easier. You don’t have to worry about being funny or risking too much of yourself to


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