The Perfect Way to Ask Her to Be Your Girlfriend

After dating someone for a while, there’s always this weird in between stage where you’re more serious than casual but haven’t talked about becoming something official. The official term is, obviously, boyfriend and girlfriend. You could always just assume that you’re together, but then if someone kisses someone else there’s going to be big trouble. But just asking, “Are you my girlfriend now?” is probably the least romantic thing that you could do. Instead make an event out of it. Here are some perfect ways to make her feel like royalty and earn you some future boyfriend points. Get Her Something Small When you’re asking her to commit don’t think that you have to buy her a ring or something. Small gifts can often be more valuable thanks to their thoughtful nature. If she’s really into owls, get her a new owl thing, if she likes to surf maybe offer to go out on the waves with her. Spending time getting or doing something valuable to her personally is what’s going to make her want to say yes. You’re showing her that you listen to the little things can be a good boyfriend because of it. Don’t Go Too Big You’re not proposing marriage, here. You’re just asking her to…

Relationship Status: Dating. How to Keep Things Semi-Casual

It seems like no one is really dating nowadays unless they’re “Facebook official”. If you’ve been living under a rock that pretty much just means that you publically declare for all of your online friends that the two of you are together. But the problem is that that involves everyone in your business. How are you supposed to maintain “dating” as your relationship status if everyone is lumping you together via your social network? The pressure can be hard and end relationships before they really go anywhere. In order to keep things casual, you’ll have to try a few of these tips. Talk About It There’s no use trying to keep anything casual if your partner isn’t on the same page as you. Talk to your new lady friend and tell her what you expect out of the relationship. Either you’ll both agree to keep things semi-casual or you’ll quickly find out that one of you is way more serious than the other. What is Casual? Keeping things casual doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sleeping around, but it doesn’t mean that you’re completely committed to each other either. This is where the talking it out bit comes into play. Figure out what the two of you think is…

Cheesy Dating Scenarios that Work

There’s a reason why cheesy dating scenarios are a thing. The classics that our parents did before us and their parents before them wouldn’t be around if they weren’t good for something. While most guys shun things like this they’re really missing out. Women know that these dating options exist, so of course they’re going to want to be wined and dined like the movies show. But there are also those corny moments that don’t work so well. To make sure that you’re getting the ones that work, keep reading. Carriage Rides This is an especially good idea in the summer or winter. In the summer time you’ll have lovely warm nights that will be more comfortable than other times of the year and in the winter time you’ll have excuses to cuddle up against each other and drink hot chocolate. This is an obviously cheesy date because it’s a throwback to the olden days when princesses and other royalty were carted around this way. She wants to feel like a princess every now and then though, so it can’t hurt. Dinner and a Movie This is by far one of the most over used, boring dates of all time, but it still works. If you’re worried about blending in…


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