Ways To Boost Self Confidence In Your Shirtless Look

Living somewhere hot like Australia usually means you end up spending some of the hottest days shirtless, whether or not you’re going to the beach or the desert. It can be a great way to get the attention of the ladies but only if you know how to milk the situation. Confidence is key and extremely hard to fake. You need to get to a point where you feel comfortable bearing all to complete strangers of all kinds. Not just the hot chicks are going to see you and you may receive some unwanted attention so it’s important to feel good about yourself. If you look down and see a little flab, that’s fine. Exercise might help you too, but start with feeling good about yourself first and use that as a stepping stone for further improvements. It Doesn’t Have To Mean The Gym, But It Does Mean Exercise Getting fit for hot shirtless whether can involve going to a gym to use weights and other methods to tone endlessly. That’s great if you can foot the bill, but sadly a lot of us don’t have that luxury or time. It’s just as easy to get a six pack in your living room or in a grassy field (or sandy…

Relationship Status: Dating. How to Keep Things Semi-Casual

It seems like no one is really dating nowadays unless they’re “Facebook official”. If you’ve been living under a rock that pretty much just means that you publically declare for all of your online friends that the two of you are together. But the problem is that that involves everyone in your business. How are you supposed to maintain “dating” as your relationship status if everyone is lumping you together via your social network? The pressure can be hard and end relationships before they really go anywhere. In order to keep things casual, you’ll have to try a few of these tips. Talk About It There’s no use trying to keep anything casual if your partner isn’t on the same page as you. Talk to your new lady friend and tell her what you expect out of the relationship. Either you’ll both agree to keep things semi-casual or you’ll quickly find out that one of you is way more serious than the other. What is Casual? Keeping things casual doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sleeping around, but it doesn’t mean that you’re completely committed to each other either. This is where the talking it out bit comes into play. Figure out what the two of you think is…

Is She Even Attracted to Men?

Back in the day there used to be an old standby that women who had short hair and dressed somewhat manish was obviously a lesbian. Luckily, our minds have opened more as a culture and most of us realize that women aren’t automatically gay if they’re a little androgynous. But even so, this new acceptance can make things a little bit confusing if you’re out at the bar and trying to hook-up with a lady. There are a few ways, not so much time honored, but more reliable than nothing, to figure out if she’s actually attracted to men. Her Attitude A majority of lesbians won’t waste their time trying to get a guy to like them. There’s literally no point to it. Unlike the university lesbians (a.k.a. those girls who would make out with other girls at parties but turn straight once they graduate) ladies who love ladies will be going for…you’ve got it. Turning guys on just for the hell of it is like cooking a feast for someone just to throw it away. To find out if she is gay or not, and if she doesn’t come straight out and tell you then see if she shows any interest in you. If her attitude is more like…

Cheesy Dating Scenarios that Work

There’s a reason why cheesy dating scenarios are a thing. The classics that our parents did before us and their parents before them wouldn’t be around if they weren’t good for something. While most guys shun things like this they’re really missing out. Women know that these dating options exist, so of course they’re going to want to be wined and dined like the movies show. But there are also those corny moments that don’t work so well. To make sure that you’re getting the ones that work, keep reading. Carriage Rides This is an especially good idea in the summer or winter. In the summer time you’ll have lovely warm nights that will be more comfortable than other times of the year and in the winter time you’ll have excuses to cuddle up against each other and drink hot chocolate. This is an obviously cheesy date because it’s a throwback to the olden days when princesses and other royalty were carted around this way. She wants to feel like a princess every now and then though, so it can’t hurt. Dinner and a Movie This is by far one of the most over used, boring dates of all time, but it still works. If you’re worried about blending in…

4 Common Come-Ons That Never Work

Pick up lines are awesome. They’re a great way to break the ice, they’re typically so ridiculous that everyone can laugh at them, and they take some of the pressure off of being the one who has to approach a woman. On the other hand, the wrong ones can be stale, boring, and wreck what could have been a good meeting. Yes, it’s tough to think of fresh things to say when you’ve struck out with one, or two, or fifteen women, but think twice before you use any of these lines to reel someone in. You’re Cuter than a Baby Seal Guys say this because they think that “cute” sounds better than “sexy”. However, women don’t agree: most women prefer sexy or beautiful, and some might even be upset that you compared them to an animal. Not because baby seals aren’t cute, but because she’s a human that you, presumably, want to get down and dirty with. If you weren’t interested in her physically, why would you message her? While she’s trying to decide whether or not she’s going to make your desires reality it doesn’t help to be thinking about baby seals. Age Is Just a Number This is something that older men tell younger women when they…


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