The Perfect Way to Ask Her Out

There’s a pretty stereotypical view on dating. Women want to be the romantic center of the story, while men just fill out the important bits like holding coats and putting together romantic dates. But there are times when men have had fantasies about asking a lady out or having her do something for him in a romantic way. When you’re eyeing someone and want to take things further with her, then you’ve got to find the perfect way to ask her out…perfect for both of you. She gets her knight in shining armor and you get to feel like the prince in your own story. It sounds pretty lame, but that’s better than texting her to see if she wants to be your girlfriend. Take the lame plunge, and ask her out by: Dinner Taking someone out to dinner is a way to date in and of itself, but that’s a very mundane thing. People go to dinner all the time. It’s not even special. It might not even be a date unless you specifically call it that. Instead of all of this second guessing, use this vague opportunity as a way to really ask her out. Go all the way, order roses and wine and whatever else you think…

How to Bag a Sex Kitten

The sex kitten is the most sought after kind of woman. She can make anything look hot, and she knows it. You know she’s doing it on purpose; there’s no other reason sucking a lollipop looks so perverted, and you know that women don’t pose like that when there’s no one looking, but it doesn’t matter. She knows how to be sexy and she lives up to every dream you ever had about what that means. If you want to be the guy who takes this kitten home for a little pampering, here’s what you have to do. Stand out from the Crowd Everyone is going to want a piece of her. What you have to do is stand out from all the other guys trying to get with her. Face it: for a lot of women, all you really have to do to get her attention is declare your interest. Women like men who like them, and it’s not hard to see why: even if you didn’t think much of a woman, you might still be interested if you learned that she really liked you. With a sex kitten, however, she knows you want her: she knows everyone wants her. You have to show her that you’re not a…

How to Bag a Gamer Girl

If you took a survey of types of women, you’d find that the gamer girl is the newest big trend. It’s not that women have never, say, enjoyed video games; it’s the fact that since the hobbies that fall under “gaming” are becoming less taboo all the time more and more hot women are feeling comfortable admitting that they’ve always had a passion for this. Gamer girls these days are just as likely to be tall, thin, makeup artists as the grungy chubby stereotype, so it pays to know how to get them to your bed. Make Her Feel Unique Before you do anything else you have to appeal to her ego. She’s used to playing role playing games where her character is the center of the world, so you have to convince her that she’s going to be the center of yours. This might be tough for a short term fling, but if you’d consider anything even slightly longer term you can make her feel like all her fantasies are coming true… so that she can return the favor in the bedroom, with interest. Fly Your Nerd Flag High Hot mainstream women want hot mainstream men. Hot gamer girls want hot gamer guys. It’s the same principle. This means…

How to Bag a Bar Bunny

Men go to bars to pick up women, and women go there to meet men. Women always assume that men go to the bar all the time and men always assume that it’s the woman’s first time in the bar. It’s only when you’ve gone a lot yourself that you start to realize that some women really do spend every Friday night at the same bar. If you’ve waited a few weeks to make your move, you’ve actually put yourself ahead of the pack. Unlike men who go after her on their first night at the bar you know that you’re a regular, and she’s a bar bunny. This tells you all you need to know to bag this woman. Buy Her a Drink With all bar bunnies you need to play the game. This starts by having a drink sent over by the bartender, and ends with you going over there and watching her drink it. This is a classic move that men use on plenty of women, not just bar bunnies, but it’s especially important here. If she hangs out at the bar so much she must enjoy the pattern of the courtship; there are drinks, and then flirting, and then who knows where she’ll end up spending…


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